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Do It

Discovery Consultation

You’re ready to get this project started!! An initial no charge consultation- The key to ensure the success of any project is to HEAR what the Client desires for their space and to make sure that the creative process results in an authentic reflection of the requirements and aspirations for the space.

This meeting is followed up with a written proposal to the client outlining all aspects of the project discussed and a breakdown of our 15 step process from start to finish that gets you your dream space on time and on budget.

Concept Design

After the proposal is approved a concept scheme is created for discussion. Space plans and mood boards will be presented so the creative flow between client and designer can truly begin to take shape.

Detail Design

Every element of the scheme is designed and specified for the client to sign off on. Samples are presented for discussion and client approval. A detailed budget is presented that sets out the costs of each individual element per room.


To give our clients the best possible value with in the procurement service, all items are supplied at the benefit of any discount available to the designer. A procurement fee is charged to manage every stage of the process. Price to production to delivery and quality management and any post-delivery issue that may arise.

Project Management

Progress of the project is managed and monitored on site on a regular basis. Any issues that arise in the course of the project are resolved in a timely and pragmatic manner in order to maintain quality, to stay on schedule and to coordinate any and all subcontractors or vendors involved in the project. Any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently to the client’s satisfaction.

Dressing and Styling

With construction completed we coordinate the delivery and positioning of all furniture and window treatments. If you so choose we can fully style and accessorize your space to create the finished magazine quality look, or we can help you redress with all your existing treasures.